Washcloth Bats for Halloween Fun

Washcloth bats are the latest spooky DIY baby shower favor of the season.  In just under a half an hour, you’ll have a whole new theme for your next diaper cake!  Washcloth bats are a simple pattern with lots of room for creativity.  If you’ve folded up washcloth animals before–like washcloth giraffes or a washcloth octopus–you already know that it’s all in the eyes.

These washcloth bats can be cute…or evil.  You decide!  You can equip your bat washcloths with big, bright and cheerful eyes…or glaring, red eyes and fangs.  It’s all up to you.  They make a perfect match with washcloth pumpkins for a Halloween party or Halloween-themed diaper cake.  You can also combine them with other creatures of the night washcloth owls.

Don’t wait until next Halloween to learn how to make a washcloth bat.  You can even replace folded napkins with these washcloth bats at a witches’ ball or Halloween party dinner.  It’s a fun and easy new baby washcloth favor to add to your stash of folding patterns.

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