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Decorate Your Dorm with Wall Stickers!

Star Wars C-3PO!

Do you want to express yourself with some hip and easy to use dorm decorations? Still want your dorm room deposit back? Peel-and-stick, fully removable and reusable wall stickers can be a smart and stylish way to express yourself with wall art in your new home. There’s need to be afraid of repositioning and rearranging these stickers to suit your flights of fancy. When the summer arrives, you can even save your wall stickers and use them to decorate your dorm room wall again in the fall.

Balls to the walls!

Pop quiz!

Two questions: What are you going to do with all that blasé white space in your dorm? And how can you effectively demonstrate your unstoppable school spirit?

There can be only one answer: University Wall Stickers! These eye-catching university wall stickers are the perfect dorm room decorations. Pictured to the left are the Oregon State University Wall Stickers. Get the ball rolling for the best season yet and root for the home team with sports wall stickers.

Many of our school spirit stickers also contain fully functional and durable hooks as well! Check out the University of Arkansas Giant Wall Stickers. These stickers are a great idea, as dorm rooms are notoriously tiny and hooks can prevent your stuff from ending up on the floor. Check out the space-saving Modern Blue Magic Hook as well.

Kiss kiss!

Speaking of functional, who would have thought there would ever be a completely reusable dry erase wall sticker? Hang them up on your dorm wall and have your new friends write on them when you’re all hanging out in your room, or simply have the most stylish to-do list ever! The cute Kisses Dry Erase Wall Stickers are perfect for leaving affectionate love notes for friends.

More modern, as well as fully customizable options for Dry Erase Sheet Wall Stickers are also available.

Whether you want to add a touch of gorgeousness to your new room with some Dogwood Flowers, or you want an image of Gandalf the Grey on your dorm walls (and really, who the wizard wouldn’t?), wall stickers can be a gloriously stylish way of adding some customized pizazz to your walls!

Top Ten Stickers For Kids

Harry Potter Crest Giant Wall Sticker

So you’re decorating the room for the most important little people in your life. You want them to have bedroom decor that’s safe, fun, affordable, and that will stimulate your child’s imagination and creative spirit. It won’t hurt if the decorations are cute as a button, too! Wall stickers can be a great option when choosing fun and interactive decorations for the kids. Simply stick off the sticker from its adhesive, stamp it on the wall and you’re good to go! If the kids are old enough they can even decorate the room themselves and leave you to your own devices.

Wanna have a room that’s (almost) as special and unique as your child? We’ve assembled a top ten list of stickers that any kid would be proud to stick on their wall.

Adventures Under the Sea Wall Stickers

10.) Why not bring the magic and adventure of the seas to your ocean-loving little one’s blank walls? The Adventures Under the Sea Wall Stickers contain every sea-lover’s favorite animals – a vividly colored octopus, two sea turtles, fish and more fish! These underwater stickers even have bubbles! Your child will surely delight in the adventurous spirit of these aquatic animal stickers.

9.) Ditch the ruler and measure your child up next to their favorite TV show characters with Blue’s Clues Growth Chart. Children will love tracking their growth alongside Blue, Magenta, Mailbox and Sprinkles! This growth chart will definitely add some fun and quality cuteness to any room.

Happi Cupcake Giant Wall Stickers! Aren't they cute?

8.) Is your child especially sweet? Treat your cherished kid with these Happi Cupcake Giant Wall Stickers! These cupcakes look yummy enough to eat, and will surely delight any little cupcake lover. Set the scene with these adorable cupcake wall stickers! Every cupcake comes with a cherry on top, half of which are heart-shaped. Sweet!

7.) So what’s the buzz about these chalkboard wall decals? Put ONE Decor Spelling Bees Chalkboard Wall Stickers on your children’s walls and watch as your child practices their spelling and handwriting. Attach any ONE decor wall shelves for bonus points and put your busy little bee’s chalk and books by the busy bee decals! These wall stickers are educational and fully functional.

6.) Create a fun and dynamic environment in your kid’s room with the Toy Story 3 Chair Rail Wallpaper Mural. Your child will be delighted to see Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and of course those weird green aliens in their bedroom or play place. Just like wallpaper, this behemoth display of a wall sticker is easy to apply, but unlike wallpaper Toy Story wall stickers are child’s play to remove!

5.) Know a Hello Kitty enthusiast? Any devoted Hello Kitty fans will be captivated by the Hello Kitty Princess Castle Giant Wall Stickers. The sticker wall castle is extra large to suit Hello Kitty and all of her magical butterfly friends. These adorable and giant wall stickers are simply purrrfect.

Make a smashing statement!

4.) The Incredible Hulk’s incredible green physique will wallop its way through your child’s wall and into their heart. This astonishing giant sticker stands at about three feet tall, and like the Marvel Comics character itself is bright green, tenacious and well-made. Make a smashing statement with The Hulk Giant Wall Sticker.

3.) Who doesn’t enjoy a good merry-go-round? Enchant your children with a Carousel Horse Giant Wall Sticker. With lively golden and pink colors and illustrations worthy to be in a storybook, these wall stickers are sure to charm adults and children alike.

2.) What little child doesn’t grow up desiring the qualities of a Disney princess – kindness,  durability, grace, and of course being an independent thinker? The Disney Princess Wall Stickers features Ariel, Tiana, Cinderella, Belle, Aurora, and Snow White. These lovable and engaging kid wall stickers even come with 47 peel and stick sparkly gems!

Rocketdog Wall Stickers

1.) It’s not the dog you think it is at home, oh no no no. It’s a rocket dog! Blast off into intergalactic space with this adorable space dog. Rocketdog Giant Wall Stickers are perfect for any child who wants to explore the cosmos right from their own bed.

Wall Stickers for the Season

Seasonal wall stickers are an extremely fun and easy way for adults and children alike to deck the halls for the winter holidays. Do you want to have elegant, yet traditional home decor this year for the holidays that will surely impress your holiday guests? Wouldn’t it be enjoyable if the kids could make and decorate their own Christmas tree without making a mess? Want to quickly jazz up your office this holiday season with some festive ornamental bulbs? Just peal and stick these fun Christmas decorations to your wall to bring the magic of the holiday season to your home or office in minutes. All of our home decor wall stickers are safe, durable and conveniently reusable for next year.

Count down the days till Christmas with a sweet and simple Christmas Countdown Dry Erase Wall Sticker. Christmas countdown wall stickers are a great way to anticipate the big day, and adults as well as kids will love sharing just how many days it is until Christmas with their friends and family. Your friends and family will marvel at your fun and pleasant holiday wall sticker decorations, but you can just “chalk” up your interactive and seasonal decorations to good taste, right?

If you’re looking for some colorful and cheery Christmas decorations, check out the Holiday Ornaments Giant Wall Stickers.  Seasonal holiday ornaments are the best when they’re giant and easy to use, plus these Christmas bulbs contain snazzy and stylish dot designs that will delight everyone! These holiday ornaments are huge and are sure to bring a boost in Christmas cheer to any home and hearth. Christmas removable wall stickers are also the perfect gift for any homesick college student living in a dorm, and can bring some seasonal greetings and homey Christmas warmth to their studying.

Kids and adults alike will adore Christmas Tree Wall Stickers! These beautiful and seasonal stickers will last year after year, however watering this Christmas tree is not advised! It’s not hard to see why Christmas tree wall stickers are among our most popular stickers. Use additional ornaments or mix with other holiday stickers for a fun and fully-customizable two-dimensional Christmas tree! If you don’t have enough space in your home for a tree or you’re just tired of maintaining a living plant that’s taller than you for a month in your house or apartment, a gorgeous wall sticker Christmas Tree is the perfect solution!

Another Christmas Tree Sticker option – Christmas Tree Quote Stickers are an eye-catching way of adding some Christmas cheer to any space, complete with decorations on the tree and sweet holiday wishes in contemporary writing. Perfect! 

Whether you choose to decorate your walls with the lyrics from your favorite Christmas carol or you decide to put fun and bold jingle bells in your kitchen or bathroom, Christmas stickers are a great, affordable way of decorating for the Christmas season. Seasonal wall stickers also make a wonderful gift for the people in your life who make your Christmas season worth celebrating.

10 Wall Stickers that Make Great Holiday Gifts

It’s time to start thinking about holiday gift ideas.  You want to get something personalized, unique, and lasting.  Something useful that will make life a bit more bright for the receiver.  Something meaningful, but something that won’t break your bank.  Whether you’re shopping for your Mom, your eight-year-old niece, or your college student, wall stickers can be a great idea.  Even for people who are hard to shop for, you’re sure to find the right wall sticker for them too!  Everyone has that pesky wall patch of bare wall space that could use a little something.

Cherry Blossom Wall Decal1. Cherry Blossom Wall Stickers

This gift will turn any boring room into a whole new space.  An elegant home decor wall sticker, the Cherry Blossom sticker can fill a blank corner, crop up from behind a couch, or even grow out from around a corner.  With a subtle color, this wall sticker is a classy complement to most color schemes.  Plus it’s easy to ship, applies onto any smooth surface, and can be removed and stored for later use with no harm done to the sticker or the security deposit.

2. Flower Peel and Stick Mirrors

This set of wall decals is the perfect finishing touch to your child’s bedroom.  Flower mirror wall stickers stick right onto any flat surface, and multitask as both a useful mirror and a useful bit room decor.  She’ll have fun positioning it in just the right place.  Peel and Stick Mirrors add variety to the texture and dimensions of rooms and also create a feeling of expanded space.

Hot Air Balloon Stickers3. Hot Air Balloon Wall Stickers

For the adventurer and for the dreamer, this wall sticker MegaPack is the perfect holiday gift.  Giant Hot Air Balloon wall stickers fit beautifully over a bed or on the wall of a playroom.  This wall sticker set brings a sense of adventure and wonder to any room.  This set includes two hot air balloons, passengers, and clouds for an adventurous room scene.  They’re fun to stick on and the design is a funky twist on a classic pattern.

4. Stick-On Picture Frames

Wall Sticker Picture Frames make fantastic holiday gifts, especially from family.  Hard cover frames make great gifts, but so do wall sticker frames.  Photos can be changed out easily and no holes need to be drilled in the wall to mount them.  Wall sticker frames stick onto any flat surface, so they can be used on walls, fridges, and really any other flat surface that may be in need of a family photo.  These are great gifts for college students living in dorms or apartments because they can frame pictures of the loved ones they miss without damaging the walls of their temporary homes.

Music Note Scroll Wall Sticker5. Music Note Scroll Wall Stickers

Check out this unique wall sticker!  Everyone knows a musician who needs a holiday present and the music note scroll wall sticker is perfect.  These wall stickers are great gifts for music lovers of all ages and walks of life.  They are black and grey so they work with pretty much any color scheme, and their elegant design meshes well with any room design.

6. Growth Chart Wall Stickers

You’ll have a variety of growth chart wall stickers to choose from.  Dinosaurs, cartoon characters, and trees are just a few of the wall sticker growth charts available for holiday gifts!  These are great gifts for young children, who can help Mom and Dad put them up on the wall of their bedroom and measure how much they’ve grown.  Like stick-on mirrors, wall sticker growth charts are another great example of home decor that doubles by being useful.  What a great recipe for a gift!

Comic Book Wall Stickers7. Comic Book Cover Wall Stickers

For the comic book lover in your family, wall stickers of comic book covers make great holiday gifts.  You don’t have to worry about damaging them, and since it’s a wall sticker and not the actual issue, they make great home decorations!  Whether you’re shopping for a grade schooler or a grad schooler, comic book cover wall stickers will make a fun and heartfelt holiday gift.

8. Daisy Wall Stickers

These vibrant wall stickers are a great gift to bring some light and liveliness into any home.  It makes a great gift for friends and family living in cold climates who face a long winter.  You can give a gift of flowers that will stay vibrant on their wall all winter long.  These Gerber Daisy Wall Stickers can peek out from behind a couch, grow up from the carpet, and make a great addition to any dorm room, bedroom, or living room.  They even make a fun addition to kitchens and bathrooms.

Lady Bug Chalkboard9. Educational Wall Stickers

Why not combine home decor with learning?  Educational wall stickers like the ONE decor Leaning Lawn or Lady Bug Chalkboard Wall Stickers make great gifts for kids just starting into school.  They can write messages, numbers, and draw pictures right on the wall without all the mess to clean up.  These also make great gifts to friends and family who are teachers or run home daycare centers.

10. Silver Dollar Branch Wall Sticker

These classy wall stickers make a great go-to gift for the hard-to-shop for.  Again, everyone has that pesky wall space that needs filling, and a Silver Dollar Branch Wall Sticker is a classy and neutral way to do it.  This beautiful giant wall sticker works great in any dorm room, apartment wall, living room, dining room, or bedroom.  The subtle hue and classic design fits a variety of aesthetic tastes.  Plus its easy to ship and makes a thoughtful, unique and memorable gift.

Don’t get stumped on presents this holiday season!  Hopefully these wall sticker ideas have given you some inspiration for holiday gifts for loved ones of all ages and aesthetic tastes.  Practical and beautiful gifts from the heart are what we’re all looking for.  Home decor is a great way to show your love and add to the beauty of your loved one’s home.  Happy Holidays from Stickers for Wall!

Superheroes Come Out of the Comic

Spiderman Removable Wall StickersIf you’ve set foot in the theater any time in the past few years, you’ll see the evolution of the classic comic book store.  All of your favorite classic superheroes line the hallways in live-action posters enhanced with special effects and brilliant artistry.  You can even sit right in the middle of all the action with a big bag of popcorn in the 3-D movie.  Yes, comic book superheroes are all the rage again, migrating from the page, to television cartoons, and right into live action adventure thrillers.  The interesting part is how these classic story lines and characters have inspired a genre of their own, with enough flexibility to create totally innovative new movies series while remaining grounded in their page-turning roots.

DC Comics Superheroes

Batman The Dark Knight RisesBatman has crashed the cinemas for years, retelling the saga of this classic superhero, the orphaned millionaire who magically keeps his two very public identities far away from each other.  From the first Batman: The Movie in 1966 based on the cheeky television series, to the most recent Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, the movies have delved deeper into the identities and motivations of Batman’s nemeses to find dark Superman Man of Steelreflections of himself while also calling into question what it means to be a vigilante.

Superman, aptly described again and again, and once again in his most recent cinematic appearance, Superman: Man of Steel, is from the planet Krypton and is practically indestructible and perfect in every way due to the density of his original planet…unless you happen to have kryptonite.  He’s classically heroic from his infancy, when he was flung into space by his scientist father and landed in a humble American farm home and discovered his powers by lifting a tractor to save his new Earth dad.  From his humble beginnings, Superman’s story has evolved over the years based on his original story and molded by current events and patriotism.

Hulk Giant Wall StickersMarvel Comics Heroes

From commanding weather and reading minds to getting really big and angry, Marvel Comics brilliantly turns normal people going through life into imaginative and unlikely angst-filled superheroes with odd powers.

Iron Man 3 StickersIron Man, most recently seen in the cinema in Iron Man 3, runs slightly parallel to Batman in the Marvel Universe, throwing his vast wealth at gadgets that equip him for vigilante justice.  However, Iron Man doesn’t live a secret double life, nor does he augment his crime fighting with philanthropy.  Armed with quick wits, a snarky attitude, and brilliant powers of tinkering, he rises to the occasion…all the way up into outer space and through wormholes as he did Wolverine Removable Wall Stickerin The Avengers if need be.  Another Avengers character, the Incredible Hulk, gives a new meaning to what it means to manage anger.  His origin story and struggle to harness his power has also been given new depth on the big screen based on his classic comic book self.

The X-Men movie series has also been a huge success, delving deeper into the origins and inner-workings of classic comic book characters.  Although characters like Wolverine and Charles are depicted as heroes, The X-Men series also explores what it means to have powers and use them to create the world you believe is just.  The line between hero and villain is blurred beyond recognition as characters remain true to their roots but are influenced by the imaginations shaped by today.

Comic book superheroes have lived on through immense technological development, times of war and peace, and massive cultural shifts.  As they’ve moved from book to television to big screen, they’ve evolved both with the times, and become more complete and complex characters.

Washcloth Bats for Halloween Fun

Washcloth bats are the latest spooky DIY baby shower favor of the season.  In just under a half an hour, you’ll have a whole new theme for your next diaper cake!  Washcloth bats are a simple pattern with lots of room for creativity.  If you’ve folded up washcloth animals before–like washcloth giraffes or a washcloth octopus–you already know that it’s all in the eyes.

These washcloth bats can be cute…or evil.  You decide!  You can equip your bat washcloths with big, bright and cheerful eyes…or glaring, red eyes and fangs.  It’s all up to you.  They make a perfect match with washcloth pumpkins for a Halloween party or Halloween-themed diaper cake.  You can also combine them with other creatures of the night washcloth owls.

Don’t wait until next Halloween to learn how to make a washcloth bat.  You can even replace folded napkins with these washcloth bats at a witches’ ball or Halloween party dinner.  It’s a fun and easy new baby washcloth favor to add to your stash of folding patterns.

Build Your Own Shire with The Hobbit Wall Stickers!

The Hobbit CastDon’t miss out on this opportunity to turn your bedroom into your very own Shire with The Hobbit wall stickers!  With so many wall stickers to choose from in all shapes, sizes, and designs, you’ll have no trouble finding exactly what you’re looking for.  Do you love The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey?  Have you read every book in the Lord of the Rings trilogy?  Bring all the excitement from these epic tales into your room.

Bilbo Baggins StickersWhether you’re more into the characters, the tales, or the Middle Earth world itself, you can incorporate any or all of it into the ambiance of your room.  If it’s the characters that capture your fancy, arrange Bilbo and his wizard companion Gandalf.  These stickers are perfect for wide open wall space.  Without cluttering your wall, they’ll spice up your room with friendship and adventure.  If you’re into the antique aesthetic, a map of Middle Earth sticker will look fantastic over your couch.  If you like little embellishments, Map of Middle Earth Wall Stickerwe’ve got packs of smaller Lord of the Rings wall stickers you can put on your refrigerator, furniture, and doorways.

Don’t miss out on the best wall stickers from your favorite new movie.  Giant Hobbit wall stickers won’t bunch or mess up your wall.  They won’t fall over or get in the way with cardboard cut outs, and you can still reposition and move them and even store them for later use.  These wall stickers are perfect for fantasy fans of all ages and are just as timeless as the Lord of the Rings books themselves.

Easter Decorations Made Simple

Whether you’re on the prowl for the finishing touches to your egg hunt, or wanting to be festive on a busy schedule, wall stickers are a quick, easy, and super effective way to celebrate Easter and Springtime this year, and next year, and even the years after that.  Think of it this way: why ruin your wall with tape and harsh adhesives that also damage your Easter decorations and render them unusable when you can invest in some hearty and adorable decorations that you can use and reuse each year?  Yeah, I thought so.

The Happy Easter Wall Sticker collection is so easy to use, the kids can help you decorate for the party.  Better yet, you can show them how to apply stickers (only to flat surfaces!) and then have them do your bidding while you go on with your to-do list.  It’s a fun and satisfying way to brighten any room, and it’s a pretty fail-safe way to get the kids involved in beautiful seasonal decorations.  These decorations are also a good excuse to teach kids to read new words and to learn about the seasons.

If Easter’s not your thing but you still want to embrace the season, check out other Springtime wall stickers!  Flowers and butterflies make great springtime decorations.  They’re equally whimsical and you can get the whole family involved in the decorations.  If it’s technically Springtime but it’s still freezing outside, these wall stickers will remind you that the flowers will come back soon, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out in the meantime.  It doesn’t have to be even close to Springtime to bring the outdoors back into your life.

Whether it’s the Easter bunny you want on your wall, or a rabbit in the woods, Woodland Animals make great wall stickers.  They’re whimsical and adorable and are great for bulking up and diversifying your Easter sticker decorations.  To make your decorations extra cuddly, combining Happy Easter stickers with Cuddle Buddies wall stickers will make the overall feel of your set up cozy and snug.  Again, this is a great way to bulk up your wall sticker decorations without being redundant.

Check out Easter Wall Stickers this year.  They peel right off and can be stored for reuse next year, so you won’t waste time, resources, and energy trying to round up new decorations this time next year.  Since the some of the stickers in this pack come in very small sizes, you’ll even be able to fit them into Easter eggs for extra special treasures!

Stickers for Valentine’s Day Decorations!

Hearts wall stickersLooking for quick Valentine’s decorations this year that won’t tear up your walls or just make your living room look tacky?  Check out our new heart wall stickers and mirrors.  You can put them up and leave them all year round.

Heart mirror wall sticker

Mirrors broaden and lighten any room and come in large and small sizes.  Sticker hearts are pastel colors with subtle patterns.  They don’t clutter and match most color schemes, and if you want to take them down after Valentine’s Day they won’t peel your paint.


If you’re more into the spirit of the holiday than the symbol of it, a warm reminder of self love and loving others is a great way to decorate for Valentine’s day.  Valentine’s Day is a sweet excuse to embellish your wall with a simple message of love.Live well Love often Love much

Discover Tree Wall Stickers for Every Room

Flower Wall StickersTree wall stickers are the finishing touch that brings every room together.  These elegant decorations fill that empty space on the wall elegantly without curling at the edges or peeling paint or damaging wallpaper.  Don’t want to drill holes in your walls to hang up paintings and tapestries?  Tree wall stickers are the home decorations you want any time of the year in any room that needs a little spicing up.

Tree Wall StickersTree Wall Stickers for Nurseries and Kids Rooms

Tree wall stickers alone will turn your child’s room into an enchanted forest, and still be cool years later.  With an elegant shape that branches out across up and across the wall, this kids wall decal easily pulls together a whimsical room without peeling paint or unfurling at the edges.  You can arrange a leafy and flowering tree by itself, or add in forest creatures.  Animal wall stickers can scamper along the baseboards, climbing up the trunk, or perching on branches.  With the megapack, Wall Decoration Stickersyou’ll get tree wall stickers along with animal wall stickers all in subtle, complementary hues and patterns.

This package comes in light pastel colors for any baby or toddler’s room, but even as your child grows up the enchanted forest will still be a magical part of his or her room.  With a dreamy, spiraling design, this wall decal is unobtrusive and complements a wide range of room styles.  Tree wall stickers can be a starting point for your child to mix in his or her own creativity.  She can add pictures and collages to the tree branches or hanging off as fruit, he can decorate his tree wall sticker for the holidays, they can even add in a treehouse.

If you like the scroll wall tree sticker but it seems like too much for the space you’re working with, there’s a variety of smaller flower wall stickers to choose from!  Like the tree sticker, these flower patterns are elegant, won’t peel your paint, and fit in seamlessly with a wide variety of bedroom styles.

Home Decor Tree Stickers
Giant Wall StickersIt’s one thing to hang paintings in your living room, wallpaper the bathroom, and grow plants in the windowsills of your kitchen.  It’s all of these at once and simply done to decorate with tree wall stickers!  With subtle and striking designs, you can weave together any room in your house.  For playrooms and family rooms, there are brightly Poppies Stickers for Wallcolored flowers to sprout from your baseboards.  Use giant wall stickers to integrate large sections of blank wall, or complement walls with paintings, drapes, and furniture with smaller ones to balance your atmosphere.
Wall tree and flower stickers also make fantastic additions to your kitchen and bathroom.  You can line your kitchen sink and windowsill with small flowers, or grow bamboo by your bathtub.
Build a Christmas Tree Stickers for WallHoliday Christmas Tree Wall Decals
You can also decorate for the holidays with seasonal tree wall decals.  Are you crammed for space but still want a Christmas Tree?  Not into cleaning up stray pine needles and tinsel?  There’s a sticker for that!  You can build your own Christmas tree easily with this giant wall sticker, complete with bulbs and candy canes.  You can even attach pictures, paper snowflakes, and other decorations you, your kids, your roommates, and your family create together.
For cheap, easy, and awesome home decorating ideas, check out tree wall stickers.  Grow flowers out of your sink!  Plant a tree next to your toilet!  Turn your child’s room into a forest!  The possibilities are endless.

Decorate with Avenger Wall Decals

Avenger DecalsFill in that big empty space in your child’s bedroom with Avenger wall decals!  Posters of your child’s favorite new super heroes can’t touch The Avengers stickers.  They’re convincingly three-dimensional with high quality graphics, and your walls won’t suffer damage from tape and harsh adhesives.  In fact, when your child’s favorite action hero changes, you can simply peel off your Avenger decal without a trace.

The Avenger stickers are no normal decorations.  They add a very bold and interactive edge to your child’s room.  Does your son love to jump on his bed?  What if he was bouncing with the Hulk?  It’s one thing to have an Iron Man poster, but with Avengers decals he’ll actually be flying out of the wall!  Monsters in the closet and under the bed don’t stand a chance with Thor and his hammer standing guard over his bed, or Hawkeye poised craftily in the corner with his bow and arrow!

There are so many Avengers stickers to choose from, you can pick them out with your child online here.  There are action stickers with their favorite Marvel heroes in motion, but there are also group shots with avengers wall decalsall of the Avengers included.  Get your girl power on with the Black Widow kicking butt next to Captain America and the rest of the team.  You can customize your Avenger decals with your child’s name so everyone knows whose room it really is, especially Loki.

Celebrate your child’s spunky spirit with these fantastic super heroes without tearing up your walls or peeling any paint.  They’re affordable, fun, and excellently crafted.  Plus, as we’ve seen over the decades, Marvel heroes are timeless and appeal to kids of all ages (yes, even adults…and there’s totally room in your closet for an Iron Man flying into your sweaters or the Hulk punching a crater in your shoe collection).