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Decorate Your Dorm with Wall Stickers!

Star Wars C-3PO!

Do you want to express yourself with some hip and easy to use dorm decorations? Still want your dorm room deposit back? Peel-and-stick, fully removable and reusable wall stickers can be a smart and stylish way to express yourself with wall art in your new home. There’s need to be afraid of repositioning and rearranging these stickers to suit your flights of fancy. When the summer arrives, you can even save your wall stickers and use them to decorate your dorm room wall again in the fall.

Balls to the walls!

Pop quiz!

Two questions: What are you going to do with all that blasé white space in your dorm? And how can you effectively demonstrate your unstoppable school spirit?

There can be only one answer: University Wall Stickers! These eye-catching university wall stickers are the perfect dorm room decorations. Pictured to the left are the Oregon State University Wall Stickers. Get the ball rolling for the best season yet and root for the home team with sports wall stickers.

Many of our school spirit stickers also contain fully functional and durable hooks as well! Check out the University of Arkansas Giant Wall Stickers. These stickers are a great idea, as dorm rooms are notoriously tiny and hooks can prevent your stuff from ending up on the floor. Check out the space-saving Modern Blue Magic Hook as well.

Kiss kiss!

Speaking of functional, who would have thought there would ever be a completely reusable dry erase wall sticker? Hang them up on your dorm wall and have your new friends write on them when you’re all hanging out in your room, or simply have the most stylish to-do list ever! The cute Kisses Dry Erase Wall Stickers are perfect for leaving affectionate love notes for friends.

More modern, as well as fully customizable options for Dry Erase Sheet Wall Stickers are also available.

Whether you want to add a touch of gorgeousness to your new room with some Dogwood Flowers, or you want an image of Gandalf the Grey on your dorm walls (and really, who the wizard wouldn’t?), wall stickers can be a gloriously stylish way of adding some customized pizazz to your walls!