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Easter Decorations Made Simple

Whether you’re on the prowl for the finishing touches to your egg hunt, or wanting to be festive on a busy schedule, wall stickers are a quick, easy, and super effective way to celebrate Easter and Springtime this year, and next year, and even the years after that.  Think of it this way: why ruin your wall with tape and harsh adhesives that also damage your Easter decorations and render them unusable when you can invest in some hearty and adorable decorations that you can use and reuse each year?  Yeah, I thought so.

The Happy Easter Wall Sticker collection is so easy to use, the kids can help you decorate for the party.  Better yet, you can show them how to apply stickers (only to flat surfaces!) and then have them do your bidding while you go on with your to-do list.  It’s a fun and satisfying way to brighten any room, and it’s a pretty fail-safe way to get the kids involved in beautiful seasonal decorations.  These decorations are also a good excuse to teach kids to read new words and to learn about the seasons.

If Easter’s not your thing but you still want to embrace the season, check out other Springtime wall stickers!  Flowers and butterflies make great springtime decorations.  They’re equally whimsical and you can get the whole family involved in the decorations.  If it’s technically Springtime but it’s still freezing outside, these wall stickers will remind you that the flowers will come back soon, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out in the meantime.  It doesn’t have to be even close to Springtime to bring the outdoors back into your life.

Whether it’s the Easter bunny you want on your wall, or a rabbit in the woods, Woodland Animals make great wall stickers.  They’re whimsical and adorable and are great for bulking up and diversifying your Easter sticker decorations.  To make your decorations extra cuddly, combining Happy Easter stickers with Cuddle Buddies wall stickers will make the overall feel of your set up cozy and snug.  Again, this is a great way to bulk up your wall sticker decorations without being redundant.

Check out Easter Wall Stickers this year.  They peel right off and can be stored for reuse next year, so you won’t waste time, resources, and energy trying to round up new decorations this time next year.  Since the some of the stickers in this pack come in very small sizes, you’ll even be able to fit them into Easter eggs for extra special treasures!