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Stickers for Valentine’s Day Decorations!

Hearts wall stickersLooking for quick Valentine’s decorations this year that won’t tear up your walls or just make your living room look tacky?  Check out our new heart wall stickers and mirrors.  You can put them up and leave them all year round.

Heart mirror wall sticker

Mirrors broaden and lighten any room and come in large and small sizes.  Sticker hearts are pastel colors with subtle patterns.  They don’t clutter and match most color schemes, and if you want to take them down after Valentine’s Day they won’t peel your paint.


If you’re more into the spirit of the holiday than the symbol of it, a warm reminder of self love and loving others is a great way to decorate for Valentine’s day.  Valentine’s Day is a sweet excuse to embellish your wall with a simple message of love.Live well Love often Love much

Decorate with Avenger Wall Decals

Avenger DecalsFill in that big empty space in your child’s bedroom with Avenger wall decals!  Posters of your child’s favorite new super heroes can’t touch The Avengers stickers.  They’re convincingly three-dimensional with high quality graphics, and your walls won’t suffer damage from tape and harsh adhesives.  In fact, when your child’s favorite action hero changes, you can simply peel off your Avenger decal without a trace.

The Avenger stickers are no normal decorations.  They add a very bold and interactive edge to your child’s room.  Does your son love to jump on his bed?  What if he was bouncing with the Hulk?  It’s one thing to have an Iron Man poster, but with Avengers decals he’ll actually be flying out of the wall!  Monsters in the closet and under the bed don’t stand a chance with Thor and his hammer standing guard over his bed, or Hawkeye poised craftily in the corner with his bow and arrow!

There are so many Avengers stickers to choose from, you can pick them out with your child online here.  There are action stickers with their favorite Marvel heroes in motion, but there are also group shots with avengers wall decalsall of the Avengers included.  Get your girl power on with the Black Widow kicking butt next to Captain America and the rest of the team.  You can customize your Avenger decals with your child’s name so everyone knows whose room it really is, especially Loki.

Celebrate your child’s spunky spirit with these fantastic super heroes without tearing up your walls or peeling any paint.  They’re affordable, fun, and excellently crafted.  Plus, as we’ve seen over the decades, Marvel heroes are timeless and appeal to kids of all ages (yes, even adults…and there’s totally room in your closet for an Iron Man flying into your sweaters or the Hulk punching a crater in your shoe collection).

Removable Wall Sticker

Removable Wall StickerRemovable wall sticker designs do not usually enter the thoughts of the average American when redecorating his or her home. This artistic decorating technique began in France and was adopted in the U.S. mostly to customize the appearance vehicles. Nowadays however, wall stickers are increasingly used in homes, apartments, and condominiums. The increasing popularity of removable wall decals is due to its many aesthetic and functional benefits.

“A Removable Wall Sticker is very Affordable”

First of all, a removable wall sticker is very affordable, especially when compared to traditional decorative costs, such as painting a room or putting up fancy new wallpaper.  A removable wall sticker can sell for less than the price of a movie ticket and is much easier to take on and off.

Traditionally, people paint rooms to redecorate rather than buy wall decals. However, painting requires considerable more time, money, and expertise to achieve good results. So a better option today is to save time and money by using wall decals. All that needs to be done is to peel-off the back paper and apply the decal on the wall. It only takes a few minute to complete the whole project.

What about the cost of drawing a picture on the wall?  You will have to figure out the cost of hiring an artist plus the cost of painting supplies when your child decides its time to change the design.  Children have been known to be indecisive and then suddenly very determined at a moments notice!  You cant afford to let your child dictate when and where youre going to paint or install new wallpaper.  Its not practical, at least financially speaking.

Speaking of which, using a removable wall sticker is so much more humane to the parents who will be doing the labor.  Rather than dad or mom having to worry about building and tearing down according to their child’s fleeting tastes and fluctuating interests, a removable wall sticker makes things a snap.  Many decals are water based and require some dipping, but a vinyl removable wall sticker makes transfer even easier.

“Installing and Removing a Removable Wall Sticker is a Snap”

A removable wall sticker is much cleaner than using other popular methods of wall decoration.  What is your first instinct when its time to hang a picture or a drawing on the wall?  Plant in a nail!  Unfortunately, this results in long-term damage to the wall.  Covering these holes with paint will only hide the problem.  You could try and tape documents or posters to the wall, but this could damage the paper as well as the paint.  Besides, tape usually goes dry after a few months and falls off.  Using a removable wall sticker allows a secure hang up but with no accompanying damage to the wall.  For individuals looking to sell their house or get back an apartment deposit, this is a definite advantage.

The popularity of wall stickers is also due to the opportunities it opens up for families to spend more time together in redecorating. Children are not shut-out from the decision process or discouraged from having new ideas and exploring them. Wall stickers, such as wall letterings also provoke curiosity or mental stimulation in a toddlers bedroom or playroom. Favorite themes for children bedrooms are I Love Ladybugs and Hip to be Square.

Popular Removable Wall Sticker Uses:

  • Kids bedroom walls
  • Mirrors
  • Dressers
  • Doors
  • Playrooms
  • Kitchens
  • many more…

Hence, if you are about to engage in a room decorating project with your kid, removable wall decals are a must for inexpensive and enchanting wall decorations.  Decals are available in a variety of sizes to complete your space. They can also be applied in multiple surfaces such as walls, furniture, and mirrors. A whole set is less than ten dollars while individual decals are around three dollars. So dont get overwhelmed with change. Give your child the freedom to create different room designs more often with a removable wall sticker.